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Plug and play right away with Softwave.

Softwave is the key that unlocks the full potential of your Wave Ring—control music with gestures, customize each button, and create saved presets from one seamlessly integrated application.

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How it works

The software companion to Wave.

Included with your purchase of Wave, Softwave unlocks the full functionality of your wearable technology. Through the application’s intuitive interface, you can create the presets you need to bring your music to life, pairing natural gestures with your most-used effects for music. Customize each and every input range, CC value, movement curve, and more for total control of your creativity.

Something to Look Forward to


Optimize your Wave Ring, right out of the box.


Plug and Play

Download and start playing instantly with pre-made presets, a built-in sound engine, and an easy-to-integrate interface.


Fully Customizable Presets

Customize every aspect of your sound from input ranges to nuanced sensitivity, then save and share with others, add them to your preset bank, and switch between them using only the controls on your Wave Ring.


Seamless Integration

Designed for any setup, Softwave works with, not instead of, your current go-tos—host AU or VST3 plug-ins, integrate with all major DAWs, and run across macOS or Windows 10.

Intuitive Technology

Get started with Softwave's easy-to-use interface.

You're well on your way to streamlining your setup. Learn how to connect your Wave Ring, set up Softwave, and start exploring the possibilities in front of you.

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Interact with your music

Download Softwave to get started.

Control your sound, customize your setup, and create your kind of music. The first step is downloading Softwave—the next is unleashing your creativity.

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