Making Waves

Making Waves with Viktor Ingi Guðmundsson

Oct 22, 2020

Since launching Wave, we realized our community is using the ring in even more creative ways than we imagined. So we made a video series to capture it.

Making Waves is our new mini documentary series, showcasing the creative process of musicians, producers, and performers. Each video is a glimpse inside the studio or a performance, highlighting the tools and setups that unlock creativity.

For our first Making Waves, we sat down with Viktor Ingi Guðmundsson, audio director at Myrkur Games, at his studio. Viktor uses Wave in his daily setup as he works on scoring music for The Darken, a fantasy adventure video game.


Wave + Native Instruments Straylight

Viktor transforms Wave into an x-y controller in Straylight. By mapping out the tilt and pan function in Softwave to Straylight, the x-y axis is transformed using real space and his movements are transferred to the screen.


Presets in Softwave

Viktor customized his Wave through Softwave, the software that is included with Wave. He created three presets in Softwave to help him compose with MIDI:

1st preset: controls modulation in orchestral libraries for a natural sounding flow.

2nd preset: controls modulation on the Y axis with tilt and expression with pan on the x axis, making Wave act as a controller in Straylight.

3rd preset: controls master volume.

Click here to download Viktor’s Softwave presets

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